This blog contains the translated recipes originally written in greek and available in

Dear diary,

I decided to start writing down the cooking and gastronomic
 experiences I -almost- daily obtain in my kitchen, so that I can 
archive, get back to and remember the things I've cooked (I do have major memory issues...)

This is not the typical kind of diary which you confide your deepest 
secrets in and hope it won't fall into the wrong hands!

It is a free
 diary, open to anyone curious, willing and passionate about trying out 
all kinds of culinary creations, new or old, well-known or created
 from scratch! Some of them will take place in other kitchens besides 
mine, as in good friends' kitchens or my mum's!
 I might as well write down attempts that haven't exactly been crowned
with the utmost success, but that's also part of the creative

Finally, I'll probably be mentioning New York City a lot (I hope not 
annoyingly much), as this is where I live. I haven't turned
 "Americanized" quite yet, so you will be seeing mostly Greek recipes 
here (cause we do have the best cuisine down there) with some exotic

Let's enjoy the adventure and... bon appetit!


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