Monday, July 1, 2013

Paris - Chez Gladines (Paris, FR)

Dear diary,

I present you Chez Gladines
A neighborhood gem. 
A restaurant worth waiting in line for.
Budget-friendly, but large portions. 
Basque cuisine, french wines, red checked tablecloths, delicious food.

It's located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris (30, rue des Cinq Diamants, Paris, 75013) and because reservations are not accepted lines are formed on the street.

It's a fast-paced and busy restaurant, but once you have dinner there you understand why.

First you enter to leave your name to the bartender, who is running like crazy behind the bar fetching beers and filling glasses with wine. 

The smell that surrounds you, it is divine! It's like home-made food, meat, something cooked with wine. And french fries. And sauce. 

Then it becomes visual. You see dishes floating around you and landing on the tables. Big portions, the smell gets more intense.

It's exactly the moment when you need to rush out and wait for your turn - outside. Otherwise you may embarrass yourself by the way you're looking to other's dishes...

Finally, we got a table and our glasses from the bar (eventually we got in again to wait by the bar) and looked at the menu.

It didn't help! We wanted the dish that produces this amazing smell! It was the "Escalope de Veau Montagnarde".

My picture below is crappy and totally underestimates the flavors and the smell!
Two of us ordered it and enjoyed it very much!

As I write this post I feel tempted (damn you diet) to search for Basque cuisine here in New York...

I'll look up for the recipe and I'll try to cook it at some point it. It is such a homy dish...

The charcuterie platter in the beginning became a must-taste appetizer on this trip to Paris.

We also tried round-cut french dries with melted cheese - which was so rich and tasty. We literally couldn't stop!

Fabien ordered the "Salad complete", with a fried egg, french fries, ham, cheese...

...and my sister Ioanna had an omelette, which was tasty but huge!

I'm so going back to Chez Gladines next time. It's a great place, not very expensive, homy dishes and really tasteful!

What also impressed me in the neighborhood, was the street art by "Miss Tic".

See by yourselves...

This last one below I feel that I have to translate!

Le temps est un serial qui leurre.

The time is a "serial qui leurre" - meaning a "serial that lures", but pronounced "serial killer".

How smart!

This is the second to last post for Paris! Stay tuned!


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  1. Nice! Ineteresting dish: "Escalope de Veau Montagnarde".
    Great posting!;)


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