Monday, July 22, 2013

Paris - Have A Nice Day (Paris, FR)

Dear diary,

with this post today, last one in the Paris series, I'm starting the transition to my latest trips and experiences in the US.

American comfort food in Paris?



In H.A.N.D -> Have a nice day!

HAND is located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, at 39 Rue de Richelieu.

Its decor is 100% american-style, something between a diner and a pub.

We got there for early dinner, so it wasn't crowded or anything...

I got a mushroom quiche with hash browns frittata and I got to say, the potatoes nailed it! Crunchy and tasteful, I did not want to share! But I did :) We all did, otherwise I wouldn't have tasted my sister's salad!

Although I rarely order salads, this one impressed me! The base was mixed greens, but the toppings made all the difference! 

Baby corn, toasted bread, smoked bacon, apple chunks and brie...
And above all.... an incredible, rich and creamy blue cheese sauce....

I can't say more, I wish I had it right now for dinner! Such a beautiful combination!
I'll try to replicate it in my own kitchen some day!

The H.A.N.D also has a great variety of burgers as you see can see in the blackboard menu...

We couldn't resist....

The H.A.N.D. also had many american-style desserts and they were displayed on the window: carrot cake, cupcakes, cheesecake and pecan pie!

I regret we didn't try any since we were so full...

I leave you with this american-taste from Paris, and I'll get back to you soon with my latest adventures in the US!

Au revoir mes enfants!


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