Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Brownies with 4 toppings

Dear Diary,

Max Perry stores offer handmade chocolate, pastries and sweets. They are rather new (4-5 years) and are located in Athens,Greece.

Every year, on my name day (Dec 24th), my friend Yannis always brings me brownies from Max Perry. It's a classic brownies cake, but on top there's chocolate spread and cookie crumbs... It's sooooo delish!

That was my inspiration for today's recipe. Actually I made it a couple of weeks ago, when I was expecting Yannis and Bill to return from their trip in Greece.

My favorite brownies recipe comes from Stelios Parliaros. There is this nice video (in greek) of him preparing this dessert, which I always watch to remember the recipe.

150 grams chocolate for baking
150 grams white sugar
180 grams butter
3 eggs (I only use 1-2)
90 grams flour

We bake the brownies for 22 minutes at 350F/ 176C and we end up having a moist cake with almost-melted chocolate in each center!

I've made this recipe a dozen times.
This time I took it a step further...

I first let the brownies get room temperature, and then...

I spread on top half a nutella jar....

I added cookies crumbs...

and a chocolate-caramel bar into pieces (such as milky way)

On top I added melted white chocolate and that was the final touch....

I reaaaaaly liked it! The boys likes it too!
I'm thinking of offering it as a gift too, instead of bringing wine to parties...

My best to all!


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