Friday, June 14, 2013

Paris - Maison Angelina (Paris, FR)

Dear diary,

when in Paris, do not skip to visit Maison Angelina, a chocolaterie and pastry shop at Rue de Rivoli, 5 minutes away from the Louvre Museum.

The waiting lines are usually huge. 

You have to wait to get a table...
But once you're in, you'll be impressed by the beautiful aristocratic space. 
I've read that famous people used to hang our there, like Proust and Coco Chanel.

In Angelina, first you have to taste the chocolate. It's a hot, thick, soup-texture-like chocolate, served together with a cup full of rich whipped cream. Need I say more?

The chocolate is divine. You just grab the spoon and taste it. I have no pictures because my mind was totally on enjoying it! But you get the idea..

As I said, Angelina is a chocolaterie - that's why I had to try the world-famous chocolate drink.

But, it's also a pastry shop. And the desserts there, are magnificent! 

The most famous dessert is Mont Blanc: meringues, puréed chestnuts, and whipped cream. Magnifique!

Lucky you, I have found the recipe of Mont Blanc online! I hope you enjoy it!

I also tried the Tarte chocolate, as well as the Millefeuille (and I'm not ashamed!)

More on Paris restaurants are coming! Stay tuned!


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