Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer in Seattle, part 1

Dear diary,

I was lucky enough to spend some time this summer in magnificent Seattle.

Everyone kept saying that the weather would be rainy and foggy, like the London weather. 
Well, it wasn't. It was sunny and some days so hot that I spent hours by the pool - I even got a tan!

Seattle is a beautiful city. Washington state is indeed evergreen. The people were great.
I only have great things to say.
I was so enthusiastic - I still am. If only Seattle was on the east coast, my New York would have serious competition.

I looooved the houses... Here, take a look...

On the way to West Seattle, we found Alki beach on the map... We had to check it out!

Alki beach is a long strip beach with great views of Seattle. On weekends it is crowded, the beach, the restaurants, the streets.. 
Reminded me of a typical touristic hotspot in one of our Greek islands. Although in Alki beach you get to see some vintage cars :)

Last year in Napa Valley, I fell in love with white wine and totally switched from red.
This year in Seattle, I have unexpectedly loved seafood.

We stopped at Duke's, famous for its clam chowder. I had to taste it, since New England's clam chowder is my favorite soup! It did not matter at all that the weather was hot and called for an ice cream instead. I would go for the chowder first. After all, this place has some award-winning chowders!

We first tried the Northwest Dungeness Crab Dip. It was delicious and so creamy, with cheeses, garlic, spinach and came together with some toasted bread slices. Highly recommended!

And then there was the Chowda! New England style. Hot, herby, creamy. Served in a sourdough bread bowl. 
Need I say more? 

We tried the scallops and prawns on a skewer, together with a crunchy crab cake, garlic potatoes and asparagus. The crab cake sauce was pleasantly spicy!

Last stop: Wild salmon with pasta. With fresh basil and herbs, garlic cream, caramelized peppers and onions. Yummy and huge dish!

Now that I opened up your appetite, stay hungry for more of Seattle!


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