Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Toulouse Petit, New Orleans cuisine in Seattle (part 3)

Dear diary,

I was blessed to have traveled a lot this year. I think the trip to New Orleans was my favorite. Beautiful city, wonderful smiling people, great music, and so tasteful cuisine. My trip to New Orleans is a whole other story, and now I'm supposed to be showing you Seattle.

Here's how Seattle and New Orleans were connected for me.

You already know I spent June in Seattle. A whole new place, so many things to explore, and I was so enthusiastic, looking for brunch places, beaches, the pest ice cream place and so on.

I found out that one of must-go places for brunch, is Toulouse Petit, a restaurant with New Orleans cuisine!

We had to go! The place was beautiful, had a huge line for a table on a Saturday afternoon (well, it was around 1pm), but we had no problem to sit and order from the bar.

We got our creole-inspired dishes...

... but in the end we couldn't resist a traditional southern Bananas Foster...

Now I have to be honest and reveal that neither could I resist a brown bag full of New Orleans beignets...

Remember I told you I loooooved Seattle? Why?

Well, because of the culture, the people, the evergreens landscape, the futuristic space needle, the restaurants...

... and the houses!!! Enjoy the views!


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