Monday, September 16, 2013

Summer in Seattle, part 2

Dear diary,

my ideal day in Seattle starts with a tasty breakfast at Le Pichet (the pitcher)!

Le Pichet is a small and cozy place near the famous Pike Place Market (stay tuned I have a whole post dedicated to this market!)

If you're looking for an excuse make a stop at Le Pichet to refuel after a walk at the boardwalk of Seattle. If you don't need one, just go for breakfast and start your day with:

Œufs plats, jambon et fromage
Two eggs with ham and gruyère

Sunny side up eggs lying on black forest ham, served with fresh pepper and accompanied by French gruyere cheese... yummy!

I so much enjoyed the sunny morning and the view to Seattle's 1st avenue!

The Charcuterie plate, was too much for breakfast, but I have to admit that this mix of cold cuts and cured meats was great!

After breakfast, in a 15min walk you get to Seattle's Public Library.

Seattle Public Library

The Public Library is a beautiful glass building, with unusual architecture outside, and a modern environment inside.

You don't need me to tell you how to enjoy a free public library. Let alone this one, with huge corridors of books and magazines collections, couches, benches, tables, computers, and also a kids area with children's books and toys.

I simply loved it. It was clean, friendly, warm and attracted you to explore its corners!
I spent a few days there for a conference, and when I was sneaking out of some talks I was hiding in the mystery books section!

A few blocks away, my favorite store in the city of Seattle!

Seattle Mystery Bookshop!

I came out 2 hours later, 100$ poorer, 6 books heavier, and a lot happier!

The lady who helped me was great, and although I promised to stop by again, I did not. Carrying home extra books weight would not please my pocket at the airport!

Next stop! Coffee from Starbucks!

Well, that's no news for a person like me who does not like coffee in general, but only prefers flavored liquid desserts like the ones Starbucks offer.

But... Seattle is the birthplace of Starbucks as you may know, and anyone should at least visit the very first store opened in the 1970's at Pike Place Market (will show you pics in next post).

So, in my ideal day in Seattle, I would grab my frappuccino caramel crunch and head to the....

Olympic Sculpture Park

Imagine an open museum of modern art, overlooking the Puget Sound, that you can also enjoy as a park in a lazy afternoon...

Well, that's exactly what is was for me!

Last stop for the day... well... for the night!

Enjoying a selection of Pacific Northwest wine, at the...


Such a perfect ending to a lazy day in a wonderful city...

Bottlehouse is a place for wine tasting and pairing with cheeses and cure meats. It's located in the quiet, residential and beautiful Madrona neighborhood, with a nice garden and cozy nooks inside. 

This is where I found out about the wine flight, tasting of multiple wines!

I loved it and can't wait to go back!

That's my perfect day in Seattle! Enjoying the food, the weather, the scenery, the views, the art, the books, the wine! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

See you next time!



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